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2018-06-19, 01:19:22
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Life after fifty years
2012-02-01, 00:56:54
I'm going to write about life after fifty years. Firstle , I will write about the disadvantages life after fifty years. Secondly i will mention some advantages of it .Finally i will draw a conclusion.
To start with about life now good that many people are pessimistic about future of our planet.But we can not know whether long our planet  live. More and more we hear about global warming.So I think the first problem is global warming. Also not good that after fifty years robots will replace the factory workers. We should worry and the new diseases appear. Tell about advantages of life after fifty years  firstle doctors will be able to cure many diseases so many people live much longer. More is good that scientists find more new transport and technology will be much cheaper.
In conclusion i would like to write that life after fifty years will be much better.
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